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The pronouncement is highly debatable, because freedom of the italo-Finnish citizen, ends where begins the other many millions of citizens who want keep the presence of the cross, because this constitutes revealing evidence of their inherited identity of their ancestors. In the shadow of the same have been born, grown, played, educated and developed and […]


Independent of the conceptualization given to the metrologia in the area of the Education, it exists diverse expectations and 31 intentions related to the technician-scientific field aiming at to the inclusion of topics of metrologia, normalization and quality in the curricular lines of direction of graduation. Although the tenuous presence of the metrologia in the […]

Martinez Professors

The Universities fit to stimulate its pupils to think with intellectual autonomy so that the inquietudes contribute for a solid learning. This growth will be the reply for that they leave the zone of the conformismo and the passivity. Wisely these words had been written by Martinez (1997, p.195) ' ' the creative professors, necessarily […]

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The Word

In two last paragraphs, author of tone ironic to if to appropriate of the machista speech that if it initiates with phrase: ' ' I am one gigol of palavras' '. The subject speaker constitutes its speech of analogy to the relation of the cafeto with the prostitute. He uses yourself of expressions that disclose […]

Constituent Elements

The Brazilian education during the governments of Fernando Enrique Cardoso started to be stimulated next to the public schools, to be restored ‘ Project Pedaggico’ Politician; so that solution of the problems searched and, in turn, to contribute in the quality of the education. It occurred to the efetivao of this process of construction and […]

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Affinity Classroom

For Savater (2000, P. 23), the work to educate must be imbudo of hope, therefore while ' ' educators, however, in them do not remain another remedy seno to be optimistical, infelizmente.' ' Therefore, … the first factor that differentiates the professor in its performance is the personal question exactly. It is the personal, ethical, […]

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You like to hang about on the spot. The same theme discusses the tenth time. You perform the same exercises, reading and translating the same texts. 4. Homework is not checked. Lecturer, setting homework, 'forget' to check it. Homework or general is not verified or checked if you already have successfully forgotten. 5. Your teacher […]

The Characteristics Of Micrometers

Micrometers are computers used by engineers to measure thickness and internal and external depths accurately. Unlike other gauges such as vernier and caliper, its results are safe and are easy to use. This invention is based on the micrometer screw, a device developed in the 17TH century, but in principle was used to measure distances. […]

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Ad Verbum

CHL provides a full range of translation services, but it is rather nice addition to the general scheme of work than the main type of activity. Although the linguistic spectrum deserves special attention – some 35 languages, including rare ones. Important note from the user – because of the abundance of programming 'widgets' site a […]


This attitude creates favorable conditions for the development of activities of research in the classroom, that is, to educate for the research. Being that in this context it is needed an enabled professor, who is in constant learning and above all he interacts with the system of education and to its social necessities, therefore is […]