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Such synergies have a good argument. First is a significant cost savings. According to the Spanish make the investment in Martorell for the development of the new model was 200 million euros, significantly reduced the creation of a new model. Another argument for the adoption of the Exeo is the reduction of development time, that the Spanish company has been set at 24 months. In fact, this period could be less if you count since Erich Schmitt has confirmed this model in May 2007 and the launch a « due in Spring, 2009 -. Later would come the familiar version of the Exeo, also based on the A4 Avant.

A stylish and dynamic sedan One of the features of the new Exeo is SEAT’s return three classic volumes, a concept that had been left forgotten in the wake of Toledo before the current model. Therefore, the Exeo is a traditional three-volume sedan and a size consideration. Although the Spanish firm has not provided the final dimensions of the model it has developed its length to be around 4.60 meters. However, if we take into account the size of the previous Audi A4 we can say that the new Exeo will take measures similar to the following: 4.58 meters long, 1.77 wide and 1.42 high. Likewise, the battle will be about 2.64 meters and the capacity of the trunk will have approximately 460 liters. The salient features of this sports sedan is its dynamic and elegant design, agile and secure conduction, high comfort and a dynamic engine range and organic. The new Exeo will be launched with three petrol engines (1.6 liter 102 Hp, 160 Hp 1.8 TFSI and the 2.0 TSI 200 hp) and three common rail diesel engines last generation (from 120 Hp to 170 Hp). Five of these six engines are turbo engines.

This means: more performance with less consumption and fewer emissions. A four-arm front suspension and trapezoidal link rear suspension ensures a sporty driving dynamics and agile handling. Room With regard to equipment, the Exeo offers including a navigation system last generation, a new infotainment system with multiple functions and connections (MP3, MPEG4, IPOD, USB, Bluetooth), and for the first time, a roof with solar panels to launch an air conditioning system while the car is parked in the summer. Security All versions of the Exeo will have the anti-lock brakes, traction control and stability control. Also, this car will have two front airbags, two side and two head. So far, anything relatively new. Is new, however, the inclusion of the knee airbag for the driver, a passive safety feature was not included in the third generation of the Audi A4. According to a statement Seat, the new Exeo a « which will arrive in spring 2009 – will be priced starting at 22,000 euros. The range will be formed after the combination of the six mechanical three versions: Reference, Stylance and Sport. Dear reader, we reiterate our invitation to visit our website Auto Vision Magazine, where you can learn about the latest happening in the exciting world of automobiles, the ultims news, launches of new models and everything that happens around the automotive industry world.

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