Tuenti surprises us with more noveades about their functions and applications that offers, this is a reform in its search engine that has the name of universal search. This what makes is to improve the search system they come offering so can now search in tuenti all elements that has social network, before is I could find people only but now searchable in pages, sites and within a very short time we say that games, also allows us to filter based on bias, something that is done in a similar way on facebook. An important detail of this reform is that they arise from the typical social network that keeps in touch people and begins to create content something that you give value to the social network from the point of view of functionalities and content, since it allows now not offered and even contact companies or do the same queries to other users to find information than before. Must be borne in mind that recently added tuenti function pages where is this creating a directory of companies that people can consult, ask questions and Get opinions from other users as well as they themselves say, what this creating a focus of attention to companies that wish to bring to the public that this social network. In this aspect also will note a similarity with facebook but the advantage of tuenti is that this very installed in the public of Spain. Although the majority of its users are also frequent use the mobile tueni that allows in the social network and interact with all its functions in the same way that the desktop application makes it.

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