Supplements for Pets

Giving nutritional supplements for dogs and cats (or other small animals such as ferrets) does not necessarily open the pet’s mouth, pushing a pill in, grab the animal with force, closing the jaws until they swallow. Fortunately, supplements come in a variety of forms, and even with the pills are alternative ways of managing them. It can take some time to work with your pet and to treat the best method of providing supplements. What works best for one animal may not be possible with another, even within the same household. Remember that supplements are often designed for long-term use, if you have trouble getting your pet to take it in the first attempts, be patient and remember that you can try again another time.

Of course if your pet needs one, you quickly need to find a method that works. In this case it may be necessary to do whatever it takes, even if it means that your pet this uncomfortable for a few minutes in a way that you would not be willing to do on a regular basis, or a technique that requires much preparation or multiple people is not feasible for long-term use. When you are ready to start supplementing the diets of their pet and / or with medications, you should start with the method that is most readily available, least expensive, and improve your comfort level. For some people may be the pill, for others it may be dust or liquid.

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