South Germany

The color palette ranges from classic white to fine anthracite to striking Ruby or purple and embodies a modern, contemporary style as well as the clear, geometrical forms. About the door of the Milan model is so »square light snippets structured while Rimini » is characterized by curved lines. The modern door design is rounded off by Rod handles made of stainless steel in various lengths and attractive ornament glasses that seem particularly noble in satin or sandblasted finish. High-quality surfaces thanks to the surface coating made of stone resin acrylic are the brilliant 11 « -Hausturen also very resistant and withstand wind and weather over the years. » They are also resistant to scratches and stains and therefore extremely easy to clean. « It can choose builders between two versions: the smooth, refined surface Setana » particularly suitable for lovers modern architecture, while the variant struktura structured »with the hammered effect conjures up interesting plays of light and shadow on the doorstep. The brilliant get extra stability 11 « -Hausturen by a strong mounting plate, which is located in the core of each door panel.

High security standards as all door models crazyiness foot the brilliant 11 meet the doors « series high demands on security and burglar resistance. » Mechanical security locks, for example, which are composed of drop bars and a 3-point lock, block immediately when you drag to the door. Biometric access control systems to identify the occupants of using only their fingerprint, which is non-reproducible for potential burglars. Thus, data storage, which continues to run even during a power outage, offers additional safety for the occupants. About crazyiness foot GmbH, Elchinger crazyiness foot GmbH is a leading manufacturer of Windows and doors in South Germany. At the company manufactures nationwide four manufacturing locations with around 180 employees.

The assortment includes: Windows and doors from wood, plastic, aluminium and wood-aluminium. High quality front doors in numerous designs, as well as thermal insulating plastic window for low-energy and passive houses are among the leading products. More information is available at the GmbH foot of crazyiness, Glockeraustr. 18-20, 89275 Elchingen 2, telephone: (07308) 815-0, telefax: (07308) 815-500 or in the Internet at Tanja Est

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