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Share calls, anyone can. Now, but also operations or contact records are transferred. So, avoid information losses and accelerated procedures. « Who works in the team, knows the situation: A call is further provided by the attendant or a colleague to you: this is Mr. Muller of the XY company. » And already you are left with the phone alone. In the latest version, the CRM and call center software AG-VIP SQL proves that this is another way.

Complete TAPI-based CTI integration can be brokering, initiate inquiries or turn on a telephone conference calls. But not only the easy sharing of a call, but also the provision of the necessary information is crucial for the efficiency of the work process. Therefore also the current process or address is passed in AG-VIP SQL in addition to the call including all related information such as E.g. the contact history of the colleagues. How it looks in practice, explains Markus Grutzeck, CEO of sonal software manufacturer: P009 incoming call the contact data as well as the requests are often immediately absorbed.

This information can be collected immediately in the CRM software. Request not case employees are processed, the user via the telephone bar may disclose operation including the call to another user. What other AG-VIP SQL user is logged in and just not on the phone, is immediately visible in the presence bar. The incoming call is signalled including display of the current operation or Adressdatensatzes. The called party can take the call and then immediately continue to work efficiently. In practice, this tremendously saves time because the user all the information of the first interlocutor can be accessed immediately. If necessary also another colleague can recommended for this operation. » In addition to the distribution, a number of other usage scenarios are possible: what works in the inbound, applies equally in the outbound: an agent leads his conversation. There are questions of the interlocutor, that the staff can clarify not. About the Telephone bar passes the call including operation to the team leader. This clears up the questions and can either return the operation includes his comments to the agents or directly finish.

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