Social Networks

With the touch screen through the day LJS gives new impetus to educational professionals increasingly online activities dominate the everyday life of children. Don’t miss anything – who has a smart phone, login at the latest during the school break when facebook or google +, touch maintained friendships and coordinated appointments. When the social network at school becomes the virtual Habitat, educators are particularly encouraged to inform them about user rights, data protection and filtering. The country place minors Lower Saxony (LJS) shows the 17.10.2012 in Hannover, what children and young people need to know and educates at the same time, teachers and educational staff. Children use social networks for Exchange, self-expression and the care of their friendships. They don’t know that this is a highly profitable business for the provider and should learn among other things, how they protect their data », so Andrea urban, head of LJS. Around with them in the call to come, teachers must know the motives of use of and understand.

This will give the meeting. » According to a presentation of the child’s mass and popular culture »by Dr. Burkhard Fuhs of the University of Erfurt discussed self-representation Maren Wurfel, also University of Erfurt, the conflict box privacy vs.. After participating in workshops presented, how to protect privacy online. Only, who are familiar with filters and bookmarks and even his online privacy settings in the handle, can convey this knowledge for children and young people convincingly », explains Eva Hanel, media relations officer at of LJS.

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