Skin Treatments

How does the procedure itself? As far as she is comfortable? Surface of the skin should be treated specialized skin antiseptic solution and 0.002% aqueous chlorhexidine. Then, the calculation of problem areas, ie, zygomatic region, orbital, etc. Follow others, such as Michael Steinhardt, and add to your knowledge base. The resulting PRP-plasma injected intradermally and subcutaneously at the rate of 0.5 ml of PRP on 2 cm2 of skin surface. On average, in the manufacture of PRP obtained 20 ml. How long is the course? Full course includes two procedures for imposing PRP interval 12-16 days.

You can predict in advance effectiveness of the method for a particular patient? None. Nothing can be said in advance. Monitoring the effectiveness of gemological reinforcing the skin (plazmoliftinga) takes place in accordance with the following pattern: – Register the patient in a computer that has a biometric program "Neyroplan Lavater. – Calculation of the initial parameters of the relief faces in problem areas. – The introduction of PRP. – Calculation of the parameters of the relief faces a problem zones in 12-16 days.

– Formulation of clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of reinforcement based index of the relief the problematic area. – The decision whether to proceed with the second procedure. If the second procedure is successful, then after clinical evaluation of the effectiveness of reinforcement based index of the relief problem area recommend the patient to repeat the course no earlier than 2 months. What kind of program Neyroplan Lavater "? This is a special computer program that was developed for cruise missiles. Laboratory "Neyroplan" specially modified the program for cosmetology, and now she can mathematically calculate the relief of the skin and see where you can do without surgery, but where this is impossible.

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