Second Law

The Second Law prevails, but meanwhile a social vortex is pronounced: The spontaneous emergencia of the complex. The entropy is not another thing that a function of the variables that define the state of a system, any this one is. The society, the policy that becomes and the psychological elements and psycho-social that participate in the same, also comprise of a social system (Parsons, 1951), that is characterized for being partially closed and partially abierto; since in the scope of the human or the social thing systems absolutely Closed cannot exist. With the purpose of to anticipate towards where we want to arrive, it is the moment for establishing an analogy that can be interesting for the purposes of the later treatment of the subject: that the entropy is to sciences of the matter, which the change of articles of incorporation or historical is to human sciences. In the plane of the politician, mainly when they have stopped existing " votes cautivos" , the politicians usually do not consider that when a vote moves away of the electoral discipline, not only is lost that vote, but the same has been gained by the opposition. Nothing loses, everything becomes, is a falsely materialistic affirmation, that it has his origin in a chemical Law of Lavoisier, that also interests to us, but that he is incapable to conceive the nothing and the death like a way of happy end to avoid the nothing absolute. Also, this exists in policy and it express with the loss of the biological voter and civic died that appeared as captive in the groups of some electoral expression. It is evident that it would be an intellectual mistake to consider to the new ones empadronados like reemplazantes of that one loss, since although, in terms of probability, one or more than one will replace to the dead in the possible intention of vote, nevertheless the generational and situacionales differences do not consider to express the electoral will on the part of the sovereign (Hobbes, 1651).

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