If to think about the formularizations of Sartre regarding existence and essence from this lack of proper command, can give to it, with certainty, a reliable vote. If to give to attention in the history of the evolution human being we evidence that the man is a being that if adaptou, if formed and constituted identity in elapsing of this evolution. Before this formation of identity and mainly inside this enceflica formation, it existed the body, and the body if it commanded, without any attempt of explanation of the mind, as any animal that we know. Then what little we comment, on the lack of corporal control, in them she is not stranger, therefore we coexist very well without in giving account to them of this, we do not only need to think on such thing, but something is inherent we and it inside folloies in them of our evolution. Before forming the capacity of reasoning and representation we had only the experience and the moment where we obeyed the commands of our body, that is, we only existed.

Inside of the accurate direction of the word, existing first lode. From ' ' momento' ' where the man acquires the thought capacity consequentemente and the capacity of abstraction, representation and meanings with the growth of its enceflica mass starts to give meanings to the things, and giving these meanings to the things to its redor it is transferred the auto one to mean, of the one meant itself exactly. Being only living, without a representation, and being commanded only for the ditames of the body, we existed. Being living from a representation where the brain in the ones of the meanings, we create the essence of our life.

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