RSS More Effective Than Email

I have long been proclaiming the effectiveness of RSS as a communications channel for non personal communications over that of email. The protection and anonymity that RSS can offer means that email is fast becoming the preferred medium for many users. Apparently, visitors to your website now put more trust in RSS as they are five times more likely to subscribe to an RSS feed as they are for the information by email. Rok Hrastnik A recent market research shows that there is greater confidence in RSS by email, RSS and be more effective in attracting visitors back to your site. During a period of 48 hours showed that the average CTR from feed for the site was 23 percent. That means that nearly a quarter of the readers of your message, click the RSS through back to your main site.

Rok report also shows that a CTR of 6.8 percent average for an item in your feed content to the web page element content points. Even better are the results showing a 150 percent CTR of your site feed within 30 days. (Not to be confused with Xcel Energy!). That means that on average, each subscriber of your RSS feed clicks through to your site each month and a half. The report also draws from data obtained from Lockergnome it is shown that RSS subscribers to email subscribers number by 5-1. This clearly shows the increased uptake of RSS, especially among the audience of Internet technology smarter. As I have often argued that one of the main advantages of RSS by email is that it has flaws that makes it susceptible to spam and control over the subscription information you provide is totally in the hands of subscribers. This makes more RSS subscribers confidence that your email subscribers can unsubscribe knowing that you will stop receiving communications from that source.

I've seen in bands on the numbers that show that there are only 5 percent of the RSS browsing for public use. The reason for this is that it is not yet as ubiquitous as email, e-mail, but has had much longer to settle. I truly believe that these results will encourage more webmasters to offer RSS feeds to your readers and help educate the public in navigating the benefits of this form of communication. Allan is the webmaster in an RSS resource for webmasters. Learn how to use RSS to attract and retain visitors to your site.

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