Role Of The Management In The News

Flattery is like the shadow does not make us bigger or smaller. It is said that knowledge management is the management of intangible assets that create value for the organization. Most of these intangibles are related to processes involved in one or another way to collecting, structuring and knowledge transfer. Therefore, knowledge management in organizational learning has its main tool. Knowledge Management is a dynamic concept or flow. The fact is not surprising that is often read and heard about that we are in the Knowledge Society., As noted by Paul Pena Vendrell claims in his article "Society of Knowledge and Learning organizations" (which is often conveys a message that clearly communicates the difference between being involved in this society which is to be on the Information Society.

Sometimes, the lack of clarity, to give the impression that we have a semantic difference due a change of fashion. According to Pena Vendrell, being in the Information Society, a term endlessly repeated many times, involves massive free or at least access to information thanks mainly to the progress of technology (radio, press, TV, Internet , etc.) and therefore, in a society in which the availability of the media or communication technologies is the key factor predominant. Definitely be in the knowledge society means giving importance to knowledge and experiences of people as a key factor in the economy. It is significant to consider when indicated, to l as people, their knowledge, have always been important, but the relevance in the past have been given possession of the land, the ability to perform manual labor and capital have delegated into the background of knowledge.

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