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Hybrid of Audio – It separates signals TX (transmitted) and RX (received). Microcontroller – It is the responsible one for the management of the circuit and if it communicates the same with the microcontroller of the monophone through signals in FSK (commutation for frequency displacement) using caminnho of the signal of audio. It fits to the microcontroller to generate the security codes, to choose the audio canal of more appropriate for link, to recognize the arrival of a call, etc. Reset – the microcontroller through a RC Recycle (electrical resistance/capacitor) that it keeps the tension low in the bolt of reset during some instants when the device is energized, guaranteeing as soon as the program stored in the micron is twirled since the beginning. Crystal of Clock – Responsible for the generation of a steady frequency for the perfect functioning of the micron. Source of Feeding – To provide the tensions for the functioning with the base and recharge with the battery with the monophone. Leds – They indicate if the device is energized, if battery of the monophone is being loaded, if the line is being used, etc.CIRCUITOS OF the MONOFONEA basic difference is the absence of hybrid key, substituida for the receiving capsule and the microphone, the presence of the bell and the keyboard, and the battery for alimentao.OS 4 ESTADOSMinas General, Rio De Janeiro, Espirito Santo and So Paulo. Trick a system of telephone without wire can assume 4 distinct states: Wait – When the monophone is of the base and it does not occupy the line, it is in the condition to receive or to originate a call.

In this condition both the units continuously sweep the canals to the search of an order of communication of its pair. When a communication order is recognized ceases the sweepings and initiates the protocol enlace for it. Load – All time that the telephone is placed in the base a new code of security is generated. Sensory circuits in both the units ‘ ‘ percebem’ ‘ (generally through fall of tension in the terminals of an electrical resistance) the load condition and ‘ ‘ avisam’ ‘ to the micron. The micron of the base adjusts the frequency, binds the transmitter and sends for the monophone the new code, that is also recorded in its memory.

The micron of the monophone, simultaneously, the same adjusts the frequency of the receiver for canal, receives and records the new code. It enlace it enters the units alone happens if the security code will be the same. Some devices make the exchange of code through one third metallic contact, what it eliminates the necessity to make the exchange saw radio canal. It is almost impossible two neighboring systems with the same code, and same if this happened would be temporary until one of the monophones was placed again in the base. It are of the Hook – It happens when the keyboard key talk is pressured, to originate or to take care of a call. This means a communication order, the base confers the code of security, allowing or not, the access to the line. Test – it is used only for maintenance ends.

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