Rio De Janeiro

Thus it can be inferred that, no matter how hard if argues on social inclusion in the pedagogical resume, as for example: the respect, the acceptance, the difference, forms to deal with the preconception, etc. However, in the question of the homossexualidade, little advanced, observe that the inclusion of the homosexuals in the society is important, therefore they are not abnormal, only not if they relate sexually with somebody of the opposing sort, does not have nothing of missed with this they deserve respect as well as all we. In the same way that it has lessons of biology and history, they would have to also reserve lessons to deal with citizenship, rights and duties, to promote a debate between the pupils, to take palestrantes, to show that the homosexuals do not have nothing of different. As professors (), we must being valid in them pedagogias that problematizem the suffering and the exclusion of people who are to the edges, in way that they can speak not only in the classroom, but also to intervene with the resume to diminish the relations of being able that they legitimize its constant subalternizao. (BLOND, 2007). The citizens tend to have preconception of what they had never had contact and this debate would sufficiently help in the combat to the discrimination against the homosexuals and all the other types of minorities. The objective of all education always must be the formation of the individual, having to generate awareness, freedom and personal balance propitiating quality of life.

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