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In this case any tab You can assign displayed by default, depending on whether the user is a fan page or not. Let your fans to their pages on new publications on the website, getting traffic to their sites. Please note that the traffic affects the placement of publication. Experiment, explore your target. As a rule, the optimal number of posts – 2-3 per day in the morning from 09.00 to 12.00 and evenings from 17.00-18.30 Besides tape each user consists of two parts – "Top News" and "Recent Updates". The latest shows all the updates from all friends and all pages, a fan of the user.

With each new entry on Facebook users are shown film "Top News", which collected the most discussed posts of friends and the pages and posts the highest number of "Laikov" (the user clicks links "like"). In doing so, these reports are mixed and those that no one has said or not said, "husky". Then which of these messages fall into the tape, "Popular News", is calculated by a complex algorithm that takes into account the number of interactions ("Laikov" and comments) in the past, this user with messages from a particular person or pages. This allows users to display in a "popular news" that content, which is a big likely to be of interest to them. Accordingly, reports of companies that publish uninteresting content, or content to the user just does not get out of the fact that it was published in the middle of the night, do not have chance to get into the "Top News". Put NOTICEABLY widget (built-in site) on each page of your site widget that invites the reader to become a fan page publication on Facebook, will comment directly on your site your news. Comments Users will automatically appear in the profiles of his friends, and you get more traffic.

Share it every day. Pick the most interesting user content, the optimum frequency of publications, as well as a good time to post messages on the page. Motivate and fans to share photos of your page and links. When a user writes something on a page or downloads a company This page was a photo album, these actions appear in the tapes of his friends, and what attracts them to the page. Bonuses from moving addition to direct sales, promotion on Facebook, provides public relations campaigns in the media in your social networks can respond quickly to crises, build loyal customers and work with them more effectively, increases the credibility of the brand. More information about the progress on Facebook

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