Public Security

Games, toys and tricks are part of the world of the child, therefore they are gifts in the humanity since its beginning. The present project deals with the rescue of the playful one as educative process, demonstrating that to if working playfully if it is not abandoning the seriousness and the importance of the contents to be presented this clientele, therefore the playful activities is indispensable for its healthy development and the apprehension of the knowledge, a time that make possible the development of the perception, the imagination, the fancy and the feelings. Source: Mark Rein Epic. Brazil attends estarrecido the images of conflicts moved by the intolerncia and the social indifference. The aggression of the lesser infractor is similar the terrorist action, in result of these episodes, the present work searchs to englobar diverse modalities that involve the individuals of different ages between 07 and 18 years, in its possibilities of progression from the rescue of the difficulties that each one feels, of the awareness of its potentialities and the power of transformation of its lives. Perceiving the extreme importance of it works to the communities in the preventive scope, not to allow to the installation of the idleness in the seio of the living population of Belm and cities, sequels that could lead to the chaos of the Public Security, as it occurs in other great cities metropolitans. It comes to delimit the reabilitatria and curativa performance, from the necessities and of the personal interests, leaving of creative ways, to reach the full development of its being, rescuing with this its integrity while citizen. PAIM (2001) tells that in the relation teach-learning, in any environment, content or moment, the motivation consists as one of the elements central offices for its well-succeeded execution. From this vision, importance is observed it and the necessity in implanting the integration Military Policy and community to the Track of the Citizenship, favoring this relationship, bringing the leisure of conscientious and participativa form, demonstrating from small practical solutions of the daily one that it is possible to transform the reality oppressor. .

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