Private Navigation

Firefox counts on greater protection before virus and spyware and if you get to enter an attacking site, you will receive a warning message that occupies all the window of the navigator, this list of attacking sites is updated continuously. Quite the opposite happens to him to Internet Explorer that on a daily basis discovers a new vulnerability reason why it must publish patches constantly to avoid that it serves like front door to hackers peculiar or hostile. This situation has taken that institutions as the CERT – of the own American government they recommend to use other navigators with better standards of security. 2 – Express, slight and stable: Firefox is among the main navigators lightest, that is to say, the one than less resources consumes while you work and the second fastest one, behind Chrome. Another factor that makes agile in certain way this navigator, is the scrupulous adaptation to the main standards Web.

3 – Appearance: It is possible to be changed to the appearance of Firefox in seconds and so many times as you want, you only must watch and choose one between the hundreds of subjects ordered by categories and press the button to install. You can select the one that goes with your personality or simply to change it to only change, so that you are already boring of the previous one. 4 Privacy: Another one of the new features is the new way of Private Navigation that protects your privacy when you sail by Internet. When you use in this Firefox way it does not go to store any sign of your navigation. Firefox 3,5 includes more improvements for the privacy, like the function To forget this Page that eliminates the registries of each page in individual form, and the option To erase recent activity, that allows to erase the registries of all the navigation realised during the last hours.

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