Practical Recommendations

1 Bring tents or tents. It is an insurance against cold, rain or insects. But sleep in satin is a pleasure that you should not miss. In the newly mowed wheat fields are wonderful. The worst are the mosquitoes, but that is arranged with a good repellent. 2 And the food. The truth is that it is not necessary.

Difficult is that you can not make a meal a day in a bar and buy the necessary for another meal. Recommended: for breakfast and for lunch and dinner, we had the stove and pasta and rice. This gives you much independence and security. 3. how much water lead to carry two bottles of 750 ml and my bag of water, with 3 l. That sum 4.5 l.

But it is that it is very important to drink a lot, to not to become dehydrated. 4. a water backpack. It gives you 3 liters of cold water that is not heated. Space to store small things. I’ve used it up as a pillow in the NAPs. Not uncomfortable back, though it may seem, and can protect you in a crash. It’s great for long hours in which is difficult to find water. However, in wet sites, with sources every few kilometers is not really necessary. I’d rather fill the pot each time with fresh water. You can also get tired you always carry over, but in that case you grab the saddlebags and run. 5. If you really don’t want you to burn, get like us, lightly you morning factor 60 cream. It seems exaggerated, but no need to throw more in all day and already you can do Sun, that you do not burn. 6. After of eating, take a break. It is madness to walk with all the heat and full stomach. Expect some short hours before continuing. 7. Do not passes you eating breakfast, greedy. I love breakfast much, but in my travels cycle tourists I forced to eat little, but stopping throughout the morning to chop. So you keep a more uniform glucose level. 8 Drink continuously. Don’t wait to drink until you be thirsty; Hydration is fundamental to surrender (and keep the good mood). 9. Don’t forget the toilet paper or Ribbon multi-purpose americana, cortapluma. 10. Do you think that it is going to rain and do not know if out or not? Ask a pastor. Never fail in their predictions and tend to orient about distances, slopes and terrain type.

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