Today is a day that does not talk much, is thoughtful, I join in my thoughts. Hm! In the afternoon I have to photosynthesis _ Guys, this process is the basis of life! Without plants on the planet would not exist, the leaves have chlorophyll to capture sunlight and the roots absorb water from the ground, with these elements … _ …. Mami Fito heard the elves …! My mind like a tornado and lands. Sorry son _ What were you saying?. _ You see, then I say that not tell you anything. Well, I apologized, please explain to me what the elves.

_ What happens is that you do not like camping. Hm! I thought of my poor spine, in my comfortable mattress and everything else needed for welfare. _ Lucio, you know that I check work weekends, time is scarce me. _ No! To you you like being with books also do not believe in elves for you if everything is not found there. I felt anxious and guilty, like all working mothers. _No Lucio is as well, please, tell me the story of the elves.

Her face brightened. Grandmother, who has one hundred and three years, the fact that the goblins that walk through the forest, are tiny, like gnomes. God turns out that once had an assistant who was his right hand but it was very ambitious and selfish, he wanted to have all the power. God was angry, threw him out of the sky and the doors were shut out many who followed the evil angels.

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