In the world of digital technology, it is the interested immediately and in any place imaginable to perpetuate a state of the image. Cameras are now so small that they reinpassen into any handbag. Whether it’s sporting experience, on holiday or at the Christmas party, every moment can be captured with a camera. Some time ago we had to wait an eternity to the development of the photos taken, one can inspect the result of rapidly moving into the present and assess. On the private or public computer docking stations, the pictures can be quickly developed in the best quality. Snapshots are snapped but not exclusively for the personal photo album. Also in the advertising world, the newspaper industry or the artistic world snapshots are essential. The technique of photography is very old and the principle has always remained the same. The specific object of the reflected light is projected onto a sensitive layer and recorded as a continuous image on this one. When is the digital photo worldmerely changed so that this upper class no longer consists of a synthetic gel, but from a chip. The first known photograph was produced in 1826 by Joseph Nipce way already. For a long time is taken with the technique described above. Also, the current digital cameras use a lens to capture the image on the chip. In the capacity, variety of image processing and speed of production has, however, done much. In the past, every photographer took his films to develop. The final snapshots then came more into a photo book. Nowadays, one can make is equivalent to complete a photo album. Here, the digital photos will be accompanied with phrases or artistically edited. After the photo album can be developed and the client gets a very special commemorative piece. The production in the field of photographic technology in recent years has done a quantum leap. But the end of the flagpole appears not yet been reached. Thus, there are now equipped with digital telephones whichProperty reach, which is much higher than for well-known old cameras. But the traditional way seems to be not quite done. Even in the digital world snapshots are mounted in books or with the latest technology demonstrated in the living room.

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