Pharmacological Technology

Judge and jury a complains that reveals a concurring activity a entering that institution and requested leave to conduct AMAF on 15 January. a The consulting tax and accounting and brokerage in pharmacy from the College of Pharmacists of Madrid burst onto the market from a clear position of privilege, because in addition to its strategic location as the constant contact with all schools in Madrid – between original jurisdiction of the College of Pharmacists is the process and the decision on certain basic and necessary records for the management of pharmacies, as cedulas of licensing, validation of deeds of sale in the event of transfers etc., – he becomes the judge and jury , said the President of FAFA.

Tax Agency will establish a professional service fee for advice and tax management for he adds. AMAF also highlights the way in which the College takes these activities. To the point that advertising provides that the payment of taxes administered and fees charged for services professionals is deducted from the settlement of recipes of the following month deferral regardless of the forecast. a A company set up by the College of Pharmacists of Madrid Another reason to AMAF argues that the inability of this activity is the lack of budget. a The budgets of the College, having no specific item for the establishment of a consulting payment of salaries, rental of premises, information technology, software, advertising, etc, and no budget for this purpose, make it impossible for such ACTIVITIES DEPARTMENT . Finally stressed that given the silence of the College of Pharmacists of Madrid, and following a series of meetings with representatives of other professional associations that are affected by the action of the College of Pharmacists of Madrid, has chosen to entrust the matter to the Office of Dutilh Abogados a to initiate all actions deemed appropriate in order to defend their interests and pharmacists who advise a , Albertos ends. About AMAF: a Madrid Advisors Association of Pharmacy (FAFA) is a nonprofit entity, consisting of accredited professional and consulting experience in the Office of Pharmacy and whose purposes among others, representation, defend and promote the economic, social, professional and cultural advisors and pharmacies meet the needs of information, training, advice, research and development of its members, studying and disseminating few issues may affect this social group and its affiliates. Also conducts training, research and development of programs to improve career counseling offices of Pharmacy, a key element in the Spanish health system.

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