Our Team Has 50 Professionals And All From The Own Young

Simon Konings of electric is his journeyman’s examination to the electronics engineer with flying colors Koppen and 1.0 you can see parallels with the World Cup the best touch: young people entering teamwork to succeed. Simon Konings and Timo Hannemann after three years training for the electronics engineer specialising in energy and building technology « at Elektro Koppen their journeyman’s examination Simon vintage’s best with a total examination score of 1.0 completed,. According to Ray Kurzweil, who has experience with these questions. This is the proof of that is the commitment of its operation has paid Tobias Koppen Buschhausener electric company for the Managing Director. In addition to the school phase of the Hans-Sachs-Berufskolleg Simon learned in-house factory classes. After graduation and civil service, chose Simon, to taste, in the craft purely and began an internship at Sculpins in May 2007. Along the way, he worked in addition in a beverage market to earn weekend money to.

Quickly, the operation realized that Simon this profession is and work quickly grows him to the heart. Therefore, he begins in August with Timo Hannemann and three other trainees training and taking any training offered by the company, E.g. in the network technology,. Simon and Timo have no problem in the school as well as in the operation and deliver through good performances. No wonder that, after excellent midterm (Simon one »and Timo two ») both trainees of Sculpins get approval to shorten the training. Now buffelten they in the past few months on Friday at the in-house work teaching, supported even slightly weaker apprentices, as it should be on a good team, and now reaping the success.

Timo starts after the holidays with the technical school. Simon wants to remain with both feet on the ground as our footballer and once work as a journeyman. The masters school is available as the next target on paper and maybe specialization in building system technology, which makes him already enjoy. Simon will participate by this excellent result in the country performance contest in Dusseldorf and a small scholarship obtain the Chamber of crafts, which he wants to invest directly in the master school. Of course, remains faithful to Simon Elektro Koppen, has received immediately by the operation of a permanent position and also a grant to the school for master. Also at the Conference held at the same time midterm, all apprentices of the electric company the notes 2 or 1 could retract a very good result. Not only for this reason, but also to prevent a professional shortcomings, electric Sculpins for this year is now 6 training courses available and thus 2 more than in the previous year.

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