Original Gifts

On March 19 it’s father’s day and we have to let you know how much we want it. Does not need us to make very expensive father’s day gifts. Also in the last time we’ve had to tighten us belt, but it is still possible to make a great gift, only have to throw a little imagination. You can make a lot of gifts. 1.

A breakfast or brunch. This father’s day falls on a weekend, so you don’t have to get up early. We have plenty of time to prepare the best breakfast or even a hearty brunch with fried eggs, bacon, tomato, beans, juice, coffee and a few crepes. 2 Record a video with your mobile phone. You can also record a video with your mobile phone where you felicitais whole family and send it to your phone when you are all present. A big surprise will be without a doubt. 3 Invite you to take some tapas.

And already in the afternoon you can accompany you to the bar to take some tapas and a beer. Your father will appreciate that you join him and also this time to vary a little seas which invite. 4. A calendar of photos. A magnificent and at the same time economic gift. You can also personalize it with your favorite photos and the message you want. 5. A toiletry bag for men. Another simple and useful gift that will delight your father, are a few great gifts for men. It’s a little disaster and never find your things. With this bag of bath you can save all your things of asea. Your mother will also be very happy. 6. An online greeting card. A greeting card interactive with a funny message you can send to your e-mail from the internet. There are plenty of pages from where you can send all kinds of congratulations.

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