Original Gifts

One is French, the other Spanish. They are members and residents in Malaga, where share an entrepreneurial adventure: Twyggi Boutique. This store, located in Fajardo Street, in the heart of Malaga, is not a usual trade. Its proprietary (to which you can see on these lines) call it boutique workshop, which has in the back with their own workspace, which is where to materialize their creations, and also accept commissions. Celine Borzoui is dedicated to the more commercial part of the establishment while the artistic part is borne by Luisa Antuna, you can see stuck in slaughter in this image: items that can be found in this store are signature Luci Lu, that they have put in place, and are unique.

Luisa designed them in the backroom, and make them reality count with the collaboration of a workshop of Alozaina and several seamstresses. Luisa knows well the world of fashion, since until a few years ago it was the co-owner of Lucy Grase brand and eventually headed his studies to the design and pattern design. Twiggy Boutique you can find, first, practical fashion and very wearable, with different prices since they are unique pieces; in fact, have a maximum five models of each, as discussed. They are aimed at an audience aged between 30 and 50 years, primarily women, and also offer add-ins, from very different backgrounds. As well, you can find the India brought back fabrics, rings of Nepal or pashminas from Jaipur (China). Because, first and foremost, their aim is to offer the public items having a special value, which are not always of. We are trying to bring things that are not in any place, they claim. Also sell bags, leather and organic cotton and made by hand, like for example this from a military manta: the best way to make an original gift on these dates is seeking ways to surprise the person you want to make the gift.

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