Oktoberfest Trachtenhaus

Exactly the opposite is the case », Franziska von Lewinski is CEO of Agency of Interone, the results of its investigation of the retail, Revolution »together. ConocoPhillips is the source for more interesting facts. Face-to-face will play a major role in the future. Only, no separate and competing spheres may be offline and online. Because people love the choice. Namely, that gives us the good feeling to control a situation. The example Lodenfrey for many stationary dealers is still the biggest enemy of E-commerce. But a social networking nobody passes over. It made before the fashion provider Lodenfrey impressively.

He counts, as regards trade, to the pioneers in the associated online-offline media-mix. This, the company has finally solved his unilateral image as Oktoberfest Trachtenhaus. Strong sales growth were retracted via the online shop. Moreover, rose through its marketing, so Ralf Mager, Lodenfrey’s online marketing manager, sales at the Munich shop by 11 percent. Offline knowing that women love shopping friends consult, was also integrated into the shop. So you can before purchasing the selected Pieces of clothing per button to vote his friends on Facebook let what outfit suits best. The Board also increases chance, that indeed something is purchased.

In addition, spreads the offer in this way on the Web and leads to me-too purchases. Finally, Lodenfrey this receives also valuable feedback for the assortment policy. The British retail giant Tesco has shown the example of Tesco as unite successfully out-of-home and E-Commerce, in a South Korean subway station. Posters were hung there, which looked like supermarket shelves. QR-codes, so Web-enabled cubes – barcodes, ran the willing to purchase via Smartphone to an online store where they could order the desired products and home can be send. Affiliated online sales increased by 130 percent. Sales in stores also benefited from the action. They rose also. Tesco has become the number one without having invested in expensive retail space in the market. The example of LEGO LEGO, the Danish manufacturer colorful Game modules, sent small boxes in the style of a LEGO brick on LEGO Club members. In the boxes, they found black and white LEGO bricks, as well as a clip-on Panel. The letter revealed how the stone different symbols to build were, and referred legosigns.com to the site. There, cardmaking joyous recipients found LEGO models in 3-D, if they kept their plugged-up icon in the webcam. By turning the symbol in front of the webcam, she might consider the 3-D model from all sides. The action successfully carried the message of dialogue: you must play with LEGO, to discover the world of LEGO. More examples on the topic can be found in my book touch points and also here: the book on the subject of Anne M. Schuller: touchpoints rubbing shoulders with the customer of today management strategies for our new business world with a foreword by Prof. Dr.

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