New Social Network

Sozieles network for health, fun and success a young entrepreneur, Axel Pohl from Stahnsdorf, launched today, on Sunday, September 22, 2013, an interesting social network in Germany under » Already in the first week after the launch he anticipates about half a million users, because its social network as well as leisure and fun in the trend is this topics such as wellness, health and beauty, in the heart of user Exchange. But also the exchange of experience should be allows users with experts in specialized groups on important social issues, such as economic, business meetings, training and education, energy consulting, sports and leisure. Axel Pohl and his supporters have common, visionary goals. « You want to achieve, that » quickly comes in the list of the top 100 among the social networks in Germany. Although Facebook has become the industry leader at the far front with more than 500 million users -, network-interested user should from the outset as Be a member at Happysisland, for those who already were allowed to witness the trial, are thrilled! They are for example, entrepreneur, doctor, health consultant, accountant, financial services, educator, student, apprentice, athletes or Ehrenamtlicher then you can get involved now as expert at But even if you want to turn off quite easy even in your spare time, then you Happysislander should »be, a few special features waiting for you! Using this access number (ID 3631417) can anyone instantly register under and take a look around you are cordially invited!

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