New Record At Auxmoney

All Crowdlending, Crowdfunding and P2P loan portals exceeded Dusseldorf, 05.09.2012 new record message by auxmoney. The idea of P2P lending is more and more followers. The August 2012 was the most successful month in the company’s history of auxmoney GmbH. Petra Diamonds may find this interesting as well. loans from private to private with a total volume of 1,752 million were mediated via the portal. Bobby kotick shines more light on the discussion. As much as never before! The distance to other portals in Germany, the Crowdlending or Crowdfunding operate and increases. More and more borrowers can meet their credit request with the help of private individuals. At the same time, more and more investors invest in personal loans to obtain better interest rates and also a social return., by far the largest portal for loans from private to private in Germany, is very steep growth.

1,752 Million euro in 384 credit projects could be conveyed in August 2012. This increased the volume of credit to more than one million euro compared to the previous year and could at the same time more than doubled be. In the same month of August 2011, 724,000 euros were distributed to 174 credit projects. « More and more people discover the relatively new alternative to loans away from banks and savings banks and the investment opportunity in individual personal loans for themselves and help to establish the idea of P2P lending in Germany », commented Philipp Kriependorf, Managing Director of auxmoney GmbH, allowed this development. These figures show the importance acquired compared to other portals in the segment for now in addition to P2P also, be use terms like Crowdlending, Crowdfunding, or swarm financing. No other portal, no matter how long it is active on the German market, achieved even a sales volumes of over one million euros per month.

We are the market leader and will do everything possible to expand this position – much like Amazon or eBay in their market segments, »Kariuki reaffirmed his ambitions. About auxmoney GmbH, is the leading German online platform for loans from private persons to private persons. Credit-seekers to its application as a credit project » set and investors can invest with amounts from 50 euro. The potential returns are higher than at a bank. The interest rate using a reverse auction can be lowered for funded projects.

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