New Heroes – About The MannSein.

The ErfolgsTrainer Berlin put extraordinary project to Berlin coaching, October 13, 2008 – for a confident future than man. With their new project new heroes – about the MannSein offers a unique training the team of ErfolgsTrainer from Berlin for young men between 20 30 years. It aims to enable young men, their masculinity status update and figuring out what they as a man in life really are and above all also go. In addition, unusual perspectives on that be man-be mediated and answers to questions regularly: when is a man a man? How has man to be? And what you actually expect from men? How many men have already noted, is to lead the life of a man one thing, hero, but something else again. How man hero is no secret. As long as man has met new heroes.

Why a training? Men need to read yet another book, or hear a further lecture about what men should know. Men must again make the experience, what man-be constitutes. And we offer precisely this possibility in this exceptional training without endless softie chat and nude-around the campfire jumping. We guarantee that ever before. (« and if a participant it is essential to insist, we organize also! 😉 new heroes wanted »: under this motto offer the ErfolgsTrainer from Berlin by October 24, 2008 October 26, 2008 a training in that enables men to live their lives successfully and that get what’s coming to them: recognition, success and fulfillment on the material level as well as on relationship.) In addition, challenging outdoor activities and teamwork exercises provide participants with the weight of men cooperation and at the same time show alternatives to men competition.

Also the participants with the golden-egg exercise learn to take their position, and above all to keep. The high quality offer of The topics of personality development, communication and appearance, partnership, training and professional, successful money management is tailored to the needs of young people aged from 18 to 30 years tailored to and includes seminars and coaching of ErfolgsTrainer, team development in sports, project management as well as vitality and radiance. The ErfolgsTrainer also offer effective and first-class Azubitrainings for companies and businesses. More information on the Internet: or press contact / photos and information Thomas Georgi & Maik Dietrich Tel: 030 44032371 E-mail: cell: 0160 2118690

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