National Geographic

BOLHINHAS OF CHAMPAGNHE _ Al? Anglica? She is Aunt MARIZA, it remembers? _ Clearly aunt! (As to forget AUNT MARIZA? One of my favourites) AUNT MARIZA is one of the sisters of my father and I always adored it. When girl, it and more three aunts (Lourdinha, Maria Eugnia and Aline, the two last already deads) were party reason when they arrived in any meeting of the brothers. The family ' ' era' ' great (fourteen children) and she liked if congregating, mainly the sisters. Coming back to Aunt MARIZA, it she binds to confirm the invitation for its party of anniversary: she will commemorate now in July, 80 (eighty) years and continued with the beautiful great blue eyes, smile torn in rostinho of 50 years in the maximum. I have excellent souvenirs lived with it! With certainty it does not remember of when she bought for me, a bikini ' ' green-limo' ' , in ' ' Cooperativa' ' , and it left that me excessively happy. It was an order of a niece taken care of immediately for the aunt.

This very difficult age to occur in those times. later, it was and is one woman of better century XX or XXI: She had IDO for the alone Europe, directed, arriving to have its proper car: a Aero pretty, giant Willes, that all the brothers and nephews wanted to direct or to take a walk. To arrive in the house of Aunt MARIZA was a delight for me! Everything always so arranged, aired was, with plants and one cheirinho delicious of prepared food being. Moreover, IT wanting in them to always leave more the possible will, with its estrias, jokes, adventures I remember myself, always with joy in the heart, of some familiar meetings in its house. Two facts had marked involving me deeply me and AUNT MARIZA: It had ordered to bind its collection of magazine National Geographic.

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