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Sema is a ritual dance of dervishes, who practiced in one Islamic sects – the Mevlevi. Mevlevi orientation was zealous service to God, which consisted primarily in readiness for the suffering of God, on this Sema dance in the often consisted primarily of self-torture of dancing to the glory of God. Initially, Sam was part of the process of meditation practiced by a sect of Mevlevi. Others who may share this opinion include Petra Diamonds. The rotational movement of the dance was intended facilitate the introduction of the participants in this ritual trance. In those days, this dance was performed exclusively by men. Further details can be found at Billy Lopez, an internet resource. In some countries, the Middle East, there were various schools of the Order of Mevlevi that produced semazenov, they take teenage boys who decide to become a dervish.

Typically, these students came from families of the ancient sect of Mevlevi. At first, followers of the Mevlevi was necessary to pass the so-called faint test, which was to a seven-day stay in the cramped and dark cell, where the subject went out only for washing before prayer. School students in addition to philosophical and religious subjects were taught the skills of the ritual whirling. This training took over 4 months and were taught on how to "nail and cane." The stability of the rotation was worked out by special boards, which were stuck nails. SemAZ repelled from the floor with his foot, which is called 'Chakras', or 'wheel', giving his acceleration, while the other leg, the support has remained static. Fingers of the feet dancing ohvatyvl rod driven into the center of the board.

The remaining nails were driven in a circle at a certain distance of center, sufficient for the free movement of the right leg a dervish, so you could get hurt only if you lose your balance. In the modern teaching of flexible plastic nails replaced twigs, but the process preparation of the dervishes was not from this easier. Pupil-SemAZ at the start of classes, kisses the central nail and the smooth surface of the board, asking Allah thereby stability in motion. Wrong hand movements also semazenov punished – hit cane rod. His dry-click had to remind students about the need to properly position their hands. Film: Mystical Asia 12 tells how the 13th century in Turkey began to emerge mystical Trends in Islam, including meditation and ritual Seva. About how this first official ceremony was prohibited by Islam and its followers were cruelly persecuted. Also describes the process of learning this dance and secret ceremonies – such as funeral and sacrifice which is carried out during the dance. The film is directed by Kim Ja-Seung. Similar Movies Blog about the movie

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