MV Bill Moments

These musical sorts have in Brazil representative famososcomo Marcelo D2, MV Bill, RZO, the Group the Rappa, Rationals MC' s among others, brings in its letters the situation of misery and abandonment in which the majority dascomunidades of the periphery is citizens, beyond portraying the formapreconceituosa and even though violent as the great part of the inhabitants of this tratada. The Hip Hop movement is not composed only of the musical style, is part of it all a recognition work and valuation of the culture would daperiferia, the art appearance also is a marcante characteristic of this movement, from the grafites the young expresses its perceptions of the lugarvivido one. In this point we can relate the education of geography and suaproposta to interdisciplinar the visual, workmanships of artists as CandidoPortinari, Tarsila of the Amaral and even though most traditional arts as Debret ouRugendas can be used to approach subjects as slavery, miscegenation, migrations, industrialization, consumerism and globalization and same concepts comode landscape. Visual arts and geography the visual arts allow the pupils to carry through more subjective umaabordagem of the displayed subjects, not being imprisoned aosmecanicismos of the racionalista boarding. The works of art portray moments dasociedade where the artist was inserted being able to be many times nicafonte of visual reference of determined events or moments doprocesso of construction of the geographic space. To this respect MARANDOLA JR (2008, p.1) it explains that, the capacity to produce art is part of what it becomes ohomem only. modern science, however, dealt with dissociar art depensamento and, with this, science of art. Geography, while science modernarespeitou this separation, even so at certain moments if has used artistic dedescries as illustration for its works, in special asliterrias. In the epistemolgicas reorganizations contemporaries, however, lead back Geography for its meeting with the Art are in such a way necessary quantoimprescindvel for its development.

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