The display is bright, clear, well feels like in the sunlight. In terms of color at different angles display worthy only of praise – the picture does not lose its properties under consideration for anyone, even the most acute angle. Battery due to the small screen and optimize energy consumption allows the phone to work a couple of days with most of its functions and capacity of mobile communications and Wi-Fi. As a result, all routine actions to be surprisingly easy and convenient to carry with X10 mini, and even typing, oddly enough for such a miniature model – very convenient. 5 Samsung GT-S5230 is an inexpensive, well equipped and comfortable touch phone model, suitable for both men and women every day. Build quality is high. The menu is familiar to samsungovskim tubes with a touch screen, ie nothing new. Phone features 3.2 megapixel camera and high-quality display, the same can safely listen to music without straining your ears.

The battery can withstand three days of battery life under light load. Phone was tested in the fall, frost, heat, pressure, diving into the beer and got a total score 261 score of 336 on the crash test. 6 HTC Desire Fast and stable Android-smartphone business class with a capacitive display, MultiTouch, with a large touch screen 3.7 'and 1 GHz processor. One of the main "chip" devices is a user-friendly interface HTC Sense, allows you to configure your desktop, putting him all sorts of widgets. The smartphone is quite broad, and very easy to read and work with text browsers and the Internet.

On Today – this is one of the most powerful, pleasant to use and well-balanced machines that only ever met. 7 HTC Touch HD2 slim and stylish smartphone with support for multitouch. Options HTC Touch HD2 impressive. Gigahertz processor, 448 MB of RAM, the machine quickly, just fly and application programs with a detailed look great.

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