Marketing Relations

If you learn this technique and apply it in your business, you will greatly improve your relationships Marketing, vas namely get close to notable people from your niche without disturbing, the typical guy who comes as a hurricane, comes quickly on your site is very well known and first thing does is propose you its fantastic, unique business, which devastates online now, the latest fashion, fantastic opportunity that can not escape it you because you will regret all your life. In the MLM success is directly linked to the ability to communicate with others. In this direction, if you want to get closer to an important leader, a person of proven success, without disturbing, and gain his benevolence guaranteed in 90% of cases, you can use the technique of interviu, take them an interview. It is a simple, direct, efficient technique and it works. More information is housed here: Greg C. Garland. I can not tell you many things about this interview technique because I have now made my first interview, and to practice I’ve interviewed my son Raul who will meet 18 years on January 21, it is Aquarius. Question No.

1: what is it that really worries you in life? Answer: The origin, the present and the future of the human race, help people, sport, travel, be happy and make others also, knowledge, prove the existence of God and achieve nuclear fusion. Question No. 2: since when you are concerned about these things? Answer: Since when I have the use of reason. Question No. 3: tell me something about yourself. Answer: Was lucky enough to have a few parents who have taught me that it is to be good, what to do to get it and thank God have done them case. Question No. 4: are you a happy person?

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