The mind of the Human being appeared of the Universal Mind, that if expands and if it widens increasing Its Largeness. Can somebody be considered small? Not! Therefore it has the firmamento on its head. It is leavend Over the firmamento that was on its head, had something similar to a throne, as a sapphire; on this species of throne, a similar figure to a man was seated. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Anne Mahlum. 1:26.

Much people still think That the body is one joguete, Make of it what she wants As if it was a pole. However, it is a universe, Constructed for the holy ghost Architect; That nothing it creates, For one day, destroyed Being, But to be transformed Everything into it survives To any replies That it can occur. GOD does not play its letters to infuse in the masses an uncertain destination. OF It everything diverge, and, of course converges, Involving much people Who indifferent do not know its SIR. However, GOD to all attracts, Therefore, It everything leaves, In a Caridosa action.

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