Latin America

Obviously I am referring to the agricultural policies, elimination of species, alternative crops, milk quotas, desarraigos of crops, easing tariffs, etc the second aspect to be treated is not to allow that certain countries overexploited their natural resources and wealth remain in the hands of a handful of autocrats, quasi-political and Kinglets bribed by the transnational corporations; also for this there is the UN and should dust off the social conscience of that humanity eats several times a day every day of the year. Finally, if it is at least intended to spend some of that $ 1.5 trillion which is devoted to armaments in the world to the fight against poverty, the result would be spectacular; say a reduction of 6% of global arms spending, as well the question would be that spending that little bit less deadly and destructive weapons, they could devote to fighting poverty $ 90 billion, this is the figure needed each year so that everyone has access to education primary, to clean water, basic health services and eradicate famine. I am not asking that you renounce luxuries nor to treasures, only to weapons. Also heavily affected by poverty, Latin America has doubled its budget on weapons, this is simply ignominious and unforgivable. The IMF and the World Bank, should never grant a loan to countries that are not able to reduce its military budget. By not look far, in Spain the defense budget is almost triple that of education, us so that in addition to gross, we are warring now well, it could happen that what is intended is to eradicate the population of poor countries and hunger, war and disease as three good apocalyptic horsemen who are serve for that purpose and why foster was so miserable and corrupt possessed world leader. A few brief figures to conclude and remember something, that we should never forget and which we should shudder: 20% of the inhabitants of the planet control 84% of the wealth (30 years ago, they controlled only the) (70%). 20% Of the poorest inhabitants share 1% of global wealth.

In the past 20 years there have been growths extensive malnutrition, unemployment, low life expectancy at birth, disease and food shortages. Thus it seems that the projects of the UN and of the civilized world, without hope and ambitions, they are now more than ever a regrettable failure. Better to not celebrate more every 17 October the international day for the eradication of poverty and to act with decency institutions and powerful, rather than lie on the plain people misleading responsibility that there is misery because we live very well. You live better and be thieves, are cruel Rovers which sets forth a new neo-fascist and neoliberal world order and who from his well-off throne destroy humanity. Jesus Gil Benitez original Autor and source of the article.

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