Knot Theory

What is a tie? A good question. So good, that no one would ask seriously. But the motif of the neck, so popular today, in its current form is not so old. While in court under King Luis XIV fashion necktie was practically obligatory, the creations of this era, sometimes literally took the breath, not had much in common with our current tie. The form to which we refer when we speak of a necktie, newly popularized in the early 20th century. Although tie has inspired many times of writers, in the field of science fantasy rather was left side. For this reason, a serious research was more than necessary. In times in which prestigious universities accepted doctoral thesis with titles like why tea jars they leak or relations of pressure on penguins to defecate, Thomas Fink and Yong Mao physics research stands out positively.

85 ways to tie a tie is called this Pearl of literature. With a rigorous accuracy, it is first defined: movements to knotting a tie can be classified according to discernible patterns. A usable tie knot has between three (but is not fixed) and nine (but is too coarse) steps. In addition, not may deviate from the symmetrically even beyond a defined limit, because it going to look like twisted. According to this general pattern developed a topological theory of knots, which not only allow to represent all tie knots through a formula, but it even provides tools to calculate the optical value of the tie knot. 85 ways seem feasible if one takes into account this calculation, including all the classics known as the Windsor, Four-in-Hand, or the Shelby, but also some exotic knots, for example one which is used only in youth organizations in China.

Even with a good dose of humor, the research is scientifically impeccable. Now that science has dealt with different knots of neckties, the average citizen knows only a few? Correct, only one. Fashion fanatics have at times extended their knowledge to two or three types of knots. However, the correct knot in combination with appropriate neck can produce amazing results. So quietly encouraged to try a different tie knot!

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