The force is the basis of almost any physical and the achievement of performance goals. When you are strong, it is easier to gain muscle mass, burn fat, run faster, stronger paste, play longer and the list follows these are some tips for the physical goals that you propose 1. Take you of the big four. The deadlift, dead weight, the bench press and the dominated are the best exercises to gain strength, point. 2. Uses bars. Forget all the equipment. Bar is King and cufflinks are the Queen, all the others is the Kingdom (they have their place, but they are not essential) starts your exercises with bars, as the big four described above.

The bars will allow you to upload a lot of weight, and lifting heavy is the first step to be stronger. Once you have made the heavier exercises can spend to cufflinks or exercises on machines. 3. Keep it simple. Some coaches make to their customers lifted weight with some speed in the repetitions, something as well as three seconds to move up and one down. Remember this: no need to tell anything other than the repetitions during a series. Simply concentrate on raising and lowering weights in a controlled manner.

The only way to become stronger is if your burdens are increased consistently. 4 It takes a registry. Write your exercises, series, repetitions, and the failure of each exercise. It records your best uprisings and greater quantity of repetitions made for each exercise. Trafficking in constantly, improve you improve those numbers. 5 Add weight progressively. the main reason why people stagnates and cease to gain strength is ranging too heavy for a long time. Abandon your ego and start lifting slightly less than what you can lift for a year and given repetitions. Then increase the weight in each session, but no more than 3 5 kilos.

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