King Mohammed

When question on the reasons, mentions many to it of them, when it was interrogated on the Spanish model of monarchy, he attacks its adversaries through critical an implicit one, saying: ' ' You do not know the history of Morocco the age you in recent years caused a paper that the education politics did not obtain in the skillful time, therefore of the King, it she recognizes that the State if cannot govern with one alone man, and that it must involve other people in agreement with certain strategical mechanisms, because the Constitution remained static without alteration. The King Mohammed VI perceived what its father did not know to identify in its time. The education politics is different of the internal, regional and international conditions, needing to unchain a determinismo roll on the concept of being able, the opposite of its father, who does not tolerate the opponents of the monarchy. In this optics the new king assented the difference the capacity with the people and votes. Morocco very changed and the world that is in its return, without alternative nor being able to withdraw. The political parties, who was yesterday, producing a speech of oppositions politics in favor of the monarchy, the State and the public thing. He does not seem alone more today in the yard and started to be part of second or the third row, due to evolution of the medias and the Internet. The stronger citizens are to each time to congregate outside of the headquarters of political parties and to formulate position, defending the interests and liberty of speech and to protest. But yes, these last movements had been obliged to follow the new technological development and to change its habits and attitudes to comviver with the changes. This appeared clearly after the mobilization of the Moroccan people in the street, consolidating the Movement of the J uventude 20 of February.

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