The group is understood as a space where the person has the possibility to reflect, to change experiences and where acquires the will to improve its auto-esteem. According to Ribeiro (1999. p 156) ' ' the therapeutical group is a miniature of the life when it allows the reexperincia of daily in the relationships humanos' '. In this space individual obtains to relieve, to speak of its distresses related to the paper of the food in its life, without if it feels constrangido, for example. Through this contact with other people in the group, the participants break barriers created for solitude feelings, isolation and frustration, mainly for the possibility to receive suggestions constructive from other people who live the same problems. According to Vinogradov and Yalom (1992), therapeutical factors exist gifts in the context group that favor the exchange of experiences, the self-knowledge and the search for better quality of life, increasing the forms to deal with the lived situations. In accordance with Zimmerman (1998. P.

240): ' '? … has one better understanding and acceptance of the part of the integrant ones of the group, when they perceive that they use the same same language and share of experincias' '. This facilitates to the adhesion to the treatment, allowing that people ' ' doentes' ' they accept and they assume its deficiency, of less conflituosa and humilhante form. Making possible an envolvement communitarian, favoring the socialization and allowing the sprouting of new models of identification. OBESIDADE the obesidade can be defined, in summary, as the degree of storage of fat in the associated organism the risks for the health, which had its relation with some metabolic complications. As Kaplan & Sadock: ' ' The obesidade relates to an excess of the corporal adiposity. In healthy individuals the corporal fat is responsible for about 25% of the corporal weight in women and 18% in men.

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