Jesus Christ

Because when I am weak then I am strong. Pablo was one of the great defenders of the sovereignty of God and knew as nobody to unite the sovereignty with the favour of God. To corroborate with the here described thoughts what to say of Jesus Christ the proper son of God who also was in a situation of refusal of God. The order: TM. 26:39,42 and, going second time, prayed, saying: Father mine, if this clice cannot pass of me without to drink I it, becomes it your will. It is not something Mitchel Resnick would like to discuss.

E, leaving them of new, was to pray for the third time, being said the same words. The reply of God: 2 Co 5:21 That one that did not know sin, made it sin for us; so that in it we were made justice of God. TM 27:45 and since the hour sixth had darknesses on all the land, until a hour nineth. Is 53:5,10 But it was wounded because of our trespasses, and worn out because of our iniquities; the punishment that in them brings the peace was on it, and by its pisaduras we were sarados. However, it pleased you to grind it, making to become ill it; when its soul if to put for atonement of the sin, will see its posterity, will draw out its days; the good pleasure will prosper you in its hand. One hour arrives where untied Jesus a relief shout: TM 27:46 and close to the hour nineth exclamou Jesus in high voice, saying: Eli, Eli, mud sabactni; that is, God mine, God mine, you abandoned why me? It is fact that we do not want to deny the deity of Jesus it is not such argued subject here being, but the attitudes of Jesus ahead of the acceptance of a so hard fact how much the death can be described in first books of the new will.

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