ISO Disk

Professional data recovery to recover your data if a disk fails, data recovery is a revolutionary technology that allows you to restore your lost, deleted, formatted or inaccessible data in any case of data loss. Whether internal or external hard drive, iPod, memory card, memory stick or USB drive using state of the art data recovery services you have a good chance to get your valuable data back. Read additional details here: Professor of Internet Governance. Even a few years ago, however, this was not the case. Most people believed that data that once lost are gone, are lost forever and that no technology can ever recover. But in reality data on a storage medium are never permanently lost if they are not overwritten with other data.

If so, ensure that the data on the disk is not overwritten, this data also at a serious loss of data by using more efficient data recovery techniques can be restored. But what is, if the physical disk is damaged? Still, many users believe that it is not possible to save data on a physically damaged disk. A disk may be damaged physically, for example, by falling, breaking, heat, a strong magnetic field or an other mechanical, electrical or firmware bug. In all these cases of data loss, recovery of data from the damaged storage medium is extremely difficult, but certainly possible using professional services for data recovery. As already mentioned, you need to prevent overwriting the data on the disk. It is also important that you try never to open the physically damaged disk, since dust particles in the air between disc and head can reach and cause permanent data loss. Physically damaged hard drives, 100 must be opened therefore only in the controlled environment of a clean room of class and treated. Clean room laboratories of class 100 are for the Data recovery a must, because it involves a scientifically controlled and sterile environments, in which are less than 100 dust particles (less than 0.5 microns) per cubic foot (0.028 cubic metres) of air in contrast to several thousand in the indoor air of a normal office. Stellar data recovery is long regarded as a reliable partner in the field of professional data recovery service in Europe. Thanks to its experience, its competent engineers, the highly developed tools and techniques for hard drive recovery, a huge inventory of parts of the disk and its ISO certified clean room laboratories of grade 100 can help stellar already millions of satisfied customers throughout Europe with the best data recovery services in the industry.

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