International Electrotechnical Commission

Electricity and water do not go well together, which surely most people have knowledge. However, the dust is just as damaging to electrical components such as water. Powder varies in size from tiny specks transported in the air up to larger particles that fall and stick to anything. Dust also is any material from the benign cells of the skin in the household dust to conductive metals and liquid particles that are harmful to electrical equipment. The dust also has the bad habit of blocking filters and act as an insulator which implies that the machines to overheat and fallen. Dust and water are often together in industrial environments, which is the reason why electrical equipment manufactured to operate in these conditions are assigned a grade of rating by both the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

The European IP degree is a numeric standard given to a piece of electrical equipment to the level of protection that it provides. The IP degree is a two digit number, each digit is a separate numeric code that indicates the protection, minor is the number smaller protection and the higher is the hardest number environment which can resist. The first digit represents protection dust that offers, while the second digit represents protection against water. For example a PC IP65 Cabinet is a cabinet with the highest level of protection dust (dust protection degree IP goes from 0 to 6), while also offering medium to proofing high levels allowing the unit to be protected against jets of water, but not immersion in water (the water protection goes from 0 to 8). The Nema regulation is very similar to the European system, except that a unique ascending number is used in the majority of cases and the higher the number (being the highest 13) increased the level of protection granted. Even when some regulations such as Nema 4 provide protection similar to the standard IP65, Nema 4 x offers additional anti-corrosion protection (in the majority of cases the cabinets would be stainless steel instead of hardened steel, so it would be able to be used in the preparation and manufacture of food).

Whilst many manufacturers produces IP rated, or Nema rated specialist equipment the simplest solution to most industrial environments is to use an IP or Nema rated rated protective cabinet for equipment. An IP65 or Nema 4 industrial computer cabinet combined with an IP or Nema rated rated printer enclosure with also an industrial mouse and waterproof or dustproof keyboard will offer the same protection as an IP65 or Nema 4 industrial computer except the computer cabinets are flexible to allow the equipment to be changed and upgraded. While many manufacturers produce special teams with Nema or IP rating, the easiest for most industrial environments solution is to use a closet for teams with Nema or IP rating. A closet for industrial PC IP65 or NEMA 4 combined with a printer cabinet grade IP or Nema, in addition to a mouse resistant to water and against dust or dust keyboard offer the same protection as an industrial computer IP65 or NEMA 4 except that the computer cabinets are flexible and allow that the equipment is modified and updated.

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