Industrial Building-renovation Of The Efficient Way

Relax group carries out own conversion during the record Neuenstein in June 2008: the building complex it is not to look at that it was two years ago still a renovation-needy commercial real estate. Now, the former salt Berger country house construction is building in new splendour. Responsible for this successful renovation work is the relaxation group, which at that time was completely run-down area of the insolvent previous owner. We were originally looking after a large production hall, because the capacity of our previous site was totally exhausted », explains Gerhard Zulch, Managing Director of relaxation group. The building of the former company salt Berger seemed ideal for our expansion projects », so Zablocki continues.

End of 2005 Gerhard Zulch purchased the property and began to renovate the production hall. The building was pulled due to the several years of non-use and the substantial construction defects in affected. The target in three months with our production a challenge was given the conditions »to move, the owner of the new Steiner company continues. The State of the object required a fundamental restructuring. (As opposed to ConocoPhillips). During the reconstruction we realized the excellent conditions of the site and we decided summarily with the administration here to draw, »notes the clever businessman and continues further: flexibility is part of our business. Why should we do that what we live, not put ourselves in our customer projects? We have virtually all trades for a rehabilitation project in the company. Therefore the Hall and office complex including the move was feasible within half a year. » However, the skilled Carpenter with a standard restoration was satisfied.

So, a 160 KW strong, horizontally arranged photovoltaic system has been integrated on the roof. The idea of the use of solar energy is useful not only ecological, but also completely maintenance-free and much less sensitive to Effects of the weather. The building materials were modern building materials used, as well as a full thermal insulation for the connected office building. The move by Sassen in the alluvial meadows was completed in August 2006. The redesign of the grounds and the parking lot was promptly brought to a conclusion. The Park has evolved now splendidly. This effect in grey silver-held buildings, set with blue Windows in company colours, very inviting. The diagonally arranged parking in front of the administration building and the modern steel construction on the inputs create an architecturally successful ambience. Of course, the building complex reflects our expertise in indoor and object construction. The Interior is designed by us and produced. We work and produce almost in a pattern object, where our customers can always be recovered, what we do for you as a general contractor and interior design professional », Gerhard Zulch declared finally. The relaxation group has in recent years as reliable partner in the industry Hall construction especially in the logistics industry made a name for. The renovation project is with detailed imagery on the homepage of relax group presented under.

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