Hotel Industry

New features in the hotel software ResiGo V9 in the new ResiGo V9 hotel software in addition to the proven advantages through professional and time optimizing management of reservations and guest profile and the management of ongoing lodging and sales statistics other features added: accounting exports to improve the accounting, a custom report generator and the management of the bed tax again much easier the daily work in the field of hotel service. More time for kindness »in accordance with this motto a professional hotel software such as ResiGo V9 optimized not only the organizational procedures of the daily operations of the hotel and increases efficiency, but creates the personal freedom for competent customer service. Ease of use and robust backup are obvious requirements. Also, sophisticated networks optimize the complete hotel management. With the ResiGo hotel software master data can be created in a very short time and through the simple and self-explanatory operation accounts for training and Installation costs. Because it is a pure subscription model with fair and manageable monthly contributions, there are no large amount of investment and no expensive later updates. There is also the possibility of linking with international booking websites that bring additional reservations in the House. The clearly crafted input mask allows intuitive operation.

Almost all features are shown directly in the room mirror, important information about each guest (arrival time, guest comments, price etc.) are displayed in a footer. Of course the prices can be created individually depending on the season and length of stay or number of persons. Spa and local taxes collected, and there is an automatic assignment by postcode. The room mirror gives a clear presentation of all items and allows editing of booking directly from the calendar out. The recording of individual and group bookings for different arrival and departure periods, the input are granted by Depositzahlungen, the Optional account splitting, the colours represented store credit card data and view of guest legend directly in the book.

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