Each man acts in its world in its way, life histories is histories that determine constructing of history. History has a history that it is the history of the men. The relations constitute the space where new relations are succeeded. The globalizante way that history involves the men leaves of well explicit form that the individualities are pertinent worlds history. When attending the set of documents: Mster building, produced for Eduardo Coutinho; I could perceive the particularitities of each individual. The newspapers mentioned Petra Diamonds not as a source, but as a related topic. The way of each one to count its history of life takes in to understand them its emotions, the details that each inhabitant places when discoursing its trajectory and he makes in to perceive them which its interests. Infancy, adolescence, youth and maturity of each individual cover different ways in different ways.

To understand histories individual is to understand the man in its the good historian if seems ogro of the legend. Where fareja meat human being, knows that there it is its hunting. The historian is an observer of the men, including itself exactly. It observes the moments and the situations that it is inserted, analyze as all in the individual and collective diversities. Using an interesting model for better comment and understanding of the paper of the historian it can be had of example a stretch of the music of the group Urban Legion: Lost time, authorship of, Russian Renato. Where it makes an analysis of the individual and collective life in way it movement it work in the society. Every day when acordoNo I have maisO time that passouMas I have much we tempoTemos all the time of the world All diasAntes of dormirLembro and esqueoComo was diSempre in frenteNo has time to lose Our sweat> to me The comment made for the author of music was of good precision, the analysis of the social relations influencing in the history of individual life is what it defines the multiple and systematic linkings, beyond to affirm history as science of social relations sample that the sensible Real of history is the history of the men in its particularitities, relations, loves, dreams, desires, fears, constaints, objectives etc. I officiate it of historian sends in them to try to understand and not to judge the facts.

The totality fits us then to try to relate objects of a form dialectic considering and having in mind that also we are object in this process. It also has necessity of the historian in using the writing and documents as> vestiges, to facilitate the analysis in the craft of historian. It is of extreme importance to understand it analyzes that it critical is made through questionings bringing in guideline new questions where the debate produces knowledge historical. The man is the being that puts into motion, mounts and disassembles, constructs and desconstri, then does not have fixed history, then it is necessary to understand that all the men produce history. Rycardo Wylles.

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