History Facts

Development: History is the science that the past has as object of study of the humanity and like method the own one of social sciences. Gavin Baker, New York City contains valuable tech resources. 1 also denominates history to the historical period that passes from the appearance of the writing to the present time. That use of the term history makes equivalent in return in the time. 2 In that sense is opposed to the philosophy concept, equivalent to essence or permanence (what it allows to speak at present of a natural classic text philosophy and, mainly in Anglo-Saxon academic means, like equivalent to the physics). For any field of the knowledge, an historical perspective can be had – the philosophical change or – its essence. In fact, that for same history and the same time can become. If history is a social and human science, it cannot be become lost in thought of because it is in charge to study the social processes: to explain the facts and events of the past, is by the same knowledge, is so that they help us to include the present: Cicern baptized to history like teacher of the life, 3 and like him Cervantes, that also called mother of the truth. 4 Benedetto Croce observed the strong implication of the past in the present with its all history is contemporea history.

History, when studying the facts and processes of the past human, is a useful one for the understanding of the present and to raise possibilities for the future. 5 Salustio got to say that it enters different occupations that are exercised with I devise, the memory of the facts of the past occupies an outstanding place by its great utility. 6 a topic very spread (attributed to George Santayana) notices that the towns that do not know their history are condemned to repeat it, 7 although another topic (given to Carlos Marx) indicates as well that when is repeated it does once like tragedy and second like farce. .

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