High Process

The disk grain making machine is the special granulation equipment which adopts overall circular structure, and the granulation rate may reach above 93%. Disk grain making machine can not only be used for producing agricultural fertilizer, our engineers also develop the method to make it applied in the bioplastic granulation. It adopts overall circular structure, the granulation rate may reach above 93%. There are three discharge ports, which can greatly reduce work intensity and improve the work efficiency. The reducer and motor were driven by a flexible belt to decline impact force and prolong the service life. Several steel plates are installed on the bottom of disc to strength the machine without deformation.

Thicker, heavier, solid base without anchor bolts can protect the machine operate smoothly. The master gear service life can be extended more than double after high-frequency quenching. The granulator velum line has the high strength glass steel which is durable and antiseptic. It is widely applied in transporting non-cohesive materials like coal powder, cement, clinker, fertilizer, and other chemical materials. At present, bioplastic can be classified as Self-destruct type and High resistance to consumption type.The adoption of green technology, optimizing the manufacturing environment, will reduce the environment pollution, resulted in the working process of disk grain making machine, concentrator, spiral sand washing machine, equipment or other equipment, to the harmless degree mill.

Biological self-destruct plastic is widely used in medical treatment. In the fracture operation, it can be the support among bones, with the bone healing, it can decompose spontaneously. Fracture to heal broken, doctors usually use stainless steel nut, bolt, splint and borer to fix up the broken bones. This must be process two operations, first to implant these stainless steel pipes, and then take them out. Dutch scientists have invested a kind of plastic, which can be self decompose and become carbon dioxide and water after implant into the human body for two years. Another filiform biological self-destruct plastic can sew up the wounds that replace the traditional medical surgical operation line, this plastic line can be absorbed by human body and avoid the pain when taking out stitches. Besides, the medical capsules made of biological self-destruct plastic can dissolve and control the speed of drugs into the blood vessels. What s more, cleaner production, essentially, is to take overall preventive environmental strategy in the production process and products, reducing or eliminating their potential harm on humans and the environment, while fully meeting human needs, to maximize the social and economic benefits. Specific measures include: the continuously improving design; using clean energy and raw materials; adopting advanced technology and equipment; ameliorating management; utilizing comprehensively; reducing pollution from the source, increasing resource utilization efficiency; reducing or avoiding the pollutants emission during the process of production, service and product using. Cleaner production is of great importance for implementing sustainable development. Cleaner production is a practical production method and measure, not only capable of meeting people s needs but also using natural resources and energy rationally and protecting the environment, whose essence, is a kind of human planning and managing activity of least material and energy consumption, with waste reduced, recycled and safe, or eliminated in the production process. Meanwhile, the production of green products harmless to humans and the environment will, following that sustainable development is carried out in deep-going way, increasingly become the dominant direction of future products. Green technology should be paid more attention by the major companies, mining factories in the future.

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