Government One

The Argentineans, especially after the prolonged conflict between the Government and the field, cry out by sanity and dialogue. It worries as the nation shows the Newspaper to it, that the dialogue is impossible when the message that predominates is the one of permanent confrontation. Although there are faults distributed in the lamentable episodes that followed one another throughout last the one hundred days, the common sense indicates that to those who fits the greater responsibility to them in the search of the reconciliation it is to the principles national authorities. The recent shipment to the Congress, on the part of the National Executive authority, of a project so that it is in the legislative scope where the question of the scheme from retentions is dissolved to the field is, as already we indicated, a positive step, in spite of the extremely delayed thing. But that attitude is not accompanied by an official gesture of greatness, to back leave to the aggressions to sectors of the society being worth even of bottoms public like the governmental propaganda, will not serve don’t mention it. To love the country must be, first of all, to leave the pride of a prrico triumph and to avoid the division between brothers. The greatness will reside in recognizing errors, knowing how to yield after inner La Paz and of the national union, and in leaving of side any calculation speculative to accumulate to be able, like ventilating the existence of coup participants where there are no them. I have to be expected that it returns the calm, the tranquillity to that country that its last decades has confronted serious economic crisis, social, political. We trust that an agreement between the parts in litigation must occur and begin the recovery task that the president has promised to a town that has not passed it well lately.

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