Goodyear Tire

– Environmental safety of the material – the material cost, which provides customer specified price per m surface. Architectural coatings made divided into two groups which differ significantly from each other, both on consumer properties, as well as on technological grounds – paints and water-soluble organic solvents. Coatings on organic solvents: The constant tightening of legislation on environmental protection has led to significant displacement in recent years, traditional organic solvents in paints more environmentally friendly – water soluble paints. However organorazbavlyaemye paints are often used in construction due to high quality coatings and the relative ease of use. According to various estimates, their share in total consumption architectural paints stabilized at 20-30%.

Currently organorazbavlyaemye paint program included in most of the leading producers of paints and varnishes. The most common solvent in organorazbavlyaemyh modern paints are used relatively low toxicity mineral spirits, though, and sometimes use toxic solvents (eg, solvent, and xylene). In addition to toxicity resulting from the application in the colors of organic solvents is their flammability, as well as distinctive, often quite a strong smell for example enamel KO-5102. With the advent of water-borne paints generally accepted that organic solvents in paints have compared them only two indisputable advantages. The first advantage – to apply at low temperatures (according to some producers to -20 C). The second advantage – lies in the fact that freshly not yet stabilized coating can be damaged by rain.

Both of these benefits can significantly extend the seasonal behavior of the work, extending it to the spring and autumn. It is theoretically possible application of paints and in the winter, but this is due to a number of technological challenges associated with the need to pre-thawing and drying the substrate. Sufficiently powerful incentive to use organorazbavlyaemyh paints gave use as film-forming thermoplastic acrylic resin special Pliolit (PLIOLIT – a trademark of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co, USA).

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