Europe Movement

4.2 – Iluminismo the date of 03/11/2011 represented the beginning of the room and finishes period of the school year, therefore, we decide to initiate the lesson with an intitled video ' ' Superao' ' of the group of comedians ' ' The Best ones of the Mundo' ' , in order to initiate the period with force of will and at the same time with good spirit and without forgetting the responsibility. After the video I capitulate we initiate it referring to the Iluminismo, in which we initiate detaching the period and the social context of the Europe between centuries XVII and XVIII. We say a little of the transformations in the ideas and the ideals of the scientists and philosophers of the time that finished unchaining the Iluminista movement. Demons have detached for the idea of the reason, having given examples of the new thoughts that had marked the movement beyond introducing a little on some of the scientists and French philosophers and lock up the lesson with a brief exercise considered in the didactic book. We lock up the Iluminismo subject in the lesson of day 10/11/2011, where we detach the ideas of Discardings, Locke and Newton beyond debating on the technological advances of the time, where we made a comparative degree with the present in the intention of if evaluating what the movement and its transformations had even though left in them of learning and of inheritance. We argue a little on the formation of the encyclopedia and I try use to advantage it to speak on the economic liberalism that was fruit of the movement and that as much was spread for the world arriving until the o same Brazil that in a space of half long time. We made an activity and we lock up plus a subject and a lesson. 4.3 the Industrial Revolution In the date of 17/11 we initiate the lesson with a different methodology of the previous lessons.

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